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World of Wearable Art Book - 2009

A wee while ago I bought a book of the NZ WOW competition photos. There has been at least one book before, but this one is the most recent, published this year. I bought it in NZ in a shop but it is also on the WOW website - see here  (  and look for "New Book" or the picture of the lady wearing a sack-and-powder-blue hat-mask-collar-thing :D It's $40 NZD.
It's good for having a hard copy of the photos of the ones you like, but in my opinion a fair number of them kinda suck and don't look like they really belong in the book, but presumably this is up to ones individual artistic appreciation, and I don't appreciate those ones, lol. A few photos are a bit blurry, but mostly it is pretty good, often with both a full length and closeup of the piece, or multiple photos from different angles. It has a brief introduction, an index by designer name, and brief captions by the photos giving the name of the designer, the name of the piece, the materials, the country if the artist is not from New Zealand and sometimes a one sentence description/explanation.

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