Rachel E. Pollock - La Bricoleuse (labricoleuse) wrote in wearable_art,
Rachel E. Pollock - La Bricoleuse

Art to Wear show, NCSU (Raleigh)

The North Carolina State University Colleges of Textiles and Design collaborate to stage a huge wearable art show each year, held in their Raleigh campus coliseum and drawing crowds of over 1000 spectators. Though Art to Wear is highly fashion-oriented in a lot of ways, due to the international profile of their College of Textiles and its ties to the fashion industry, they are starting to really pursue costume designers' input and participation as well. One of this year's jury members who judged the show and sponsored two of the awards is Tony-winning costume designer and proud Carolinian William Ivey Long.

It takes some time to page through, but i promise that a perusal of this 145-image slide show of both the runway and behind the scenes at the event is well worth it. Some highlights: the swirling millinery of Eleanor Hoffman, and the fast-food trash collection created by Kirk Smith, a surprising entrant out of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences who entered the competition on a dare and wound up winning the Juror's Choice award for his amazing creations.
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